Why is there no water supply to my house?

The water could be turned off to facilitate the repair of a burst watermain in your area.  Check with your neighbours to see if they have water. If your neighbours have a water supply, it could mean there's an internal problem within your own property, therefore you would need to source a plumber to check your system.

Summary of Water Charges for 2014
 Charge Description Water onlyWaste-water only Water & Waste-water 
Metered Water/Wastewater services  - per cubic metre €1.04 €1.24 €2.28
 Metered Mixed SuppliesGeneral Domestic Allowance per residential unit:
  • 165 mper annum
  • 55 m3 per four month bill
Per Capita Domestic Allowance (Residential Institutions):
  • 51 mper qualifying person per annum
  • 17 mper person per four month bill
Standing Charge – per four month bill Up to 1” or 25mm  €53
  Up to 2” or 50mm   €95
  Up to 4” or 100mm   €195
  Up to 6” or 150mm   €250
  Up to 8” or 200mm   €330
  Up to 10” or 250mm  €495
 Special Read Charge  €150



(Water charges will be based on metered quantities at the unit rates shown in the table above, plus Annual Standing Charge.  Fixed or estimated charges on some customers may apply where metering problems arise.)

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