Bullock and Sandycove Harbours Masterplan 2020

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council has prepared a Masterplan for Bullock and Sandycove Harbours. The Masterplan is a non-statutory guide to the potential future use and enhancement of these Harbours, as well as providing context and guidance to influence the future function and operation of both places.

The catalyst for the preparation of the Masterplan is Policy OSR15 : Sandycove and Bullock Harbour Masterplans contained (p.119) in the current (2016-2022) County Development Plan. Policy OSR15 states "It is Council policy to formulate Masterplans for Bullock Harbour and Sandycove Harbour. The Council will formulate - in conjunction with relevant stakeholders - a Masterplan for both Bullock and Sandycove Harbours in order to provide for the effective management of the entirety of the County's 17km long coastline".

The Masterplan is a non-statutory plan - the consequence of which is that any guidance or specific proposals contained therein can relate only to relevant Harbour lands in public ownership and/or control. In spatial terms the extent of lands in public control/management/ownership at the two Harbours (and their immediate environs) are relatively small. Dublin Port Company own Bullock Harbour but gave their consent to the preparation of the Masterplan.

The primary purpose of the exercise was to produce a user-friendly plan to provide context for any future place making and/or public realm enhancements on lands in public ownership at, and immediately adjacent to the two Harbours.  A series of background site appraisals were undertaken at both Harbours identifying the 'plusses' and 'minuses' of each and, in face-to-face consultations with key stakeholders and local community groups, a comprehensive SWOT analysis evolved which 'threw up' a number of recurring issues. The subsequent Strategy Development of the Masterplan focused around four themes:

  • Compatible - by complimenting the existing seafront amenities and attractions.
  • Accessible - by emphasising ease of pedestrian and cycle priority.
  • Cultural - by building upon the natural and built heritage of the area.
  • Respectful - by relating the existing and future Harbour uses in line with community aspirations.


The Masterplan concludes with indicative Concept Proposals for each of the Harbours. It should be stressed these are not 'cast in stone' but simply reflect the type and scale of sympathetic and compatible public realm/place-making interventions that could be introduced to upgrade and enliven both Harbours. For Sandycove particularly, given that it is identified as the southern terminus of the planned S2S cycleway/walkway, there are imperatives around enhancing the area as an attractive, functional  and welcoming 'destination'.

The Masterplan is available for viewing, or downloading, in the 'Related Documents' Section across. A copy of the Masterplan is also be available from Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) at County Hall, Dún Laoaghire (9:00am - 4:00pm).

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