Mariana Duarte Santos is a visual artist from Lisbon, Portugal who works in a variety of media, most recently expanding to include mural painting.
Mariana’s pieces reflect the way she observes and perceives the world. Much of her work is based on still frames from old, now forgotten, movies and TV shows – she takes inspiration from old discarded photographs in an attempt to renew or reanimate the old and poignant images that she sees as still worthy of life.
Mariana likes to both create a sense of nostalgia and bring the history of a place into a new time through the modern medium of street art. Her style is realistic in nature and she enjoys bringing a painterly feel to her street art work.
Mariana has participated on a number of group exhibitions, and has also collaborated with poet Gerry Brennan to create a book of illustrated poetry, that consists of 37 poems and 40 drawings based on the poems.

Mariana's piece shows a crowd of boys waiting excitedly in Dún Laoghaire for the arrival of the heavyweight boxing champion of the world, the American boxer Gene Tunney, in 1928.