Jamie Howard has just completed his first year in Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology where he is studying for a BA in Art.
Cork-born and raised, Jamie has been practicing and studying street art and fine art for the past eight years and over this time he has gained practical experience in his native county in a broad range of media and settings related to both street and fine arts.
Jamie’s Breeze Boy for Dún Laoghaire Anseo is a dreamy image of a boy enjoying the breeze blowing on his face. Inspired by a fishing trip Jamie took as young boy with his dad in Dublin Bay, it’s a nod to Dún Laoghaire’s vibrant fishing and sailing culture.
The bubbles or planets drifting in the background create a sense of weightlessness and tranquillity – the boy seems almost oblivious to them and this will relate to many people’s lives through the current global pandemic.
The black background enhances the boy’s presence in the scene while also eliminating any distraction from the piece itself by creating a calm neutral background. The contrasting clean white bubbles capture the fresh sea air synonymous with the local area.
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