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Public Consultation: BusConnects Service upgrade at Harbour Road Dún Laoghaire

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Bus Connects Harbour Road Dun Laoghaire

We would like your views on the the proposed BusConnects network redesign which includes 8 new bus services that will terminate at Dún Laoghaire DART Station. To accommodate these new services additional bus layover spaces are required to provide for an efficient bus operation.

Following a review of the area, Harbour Road was identified as the preferred location for these additional bus layover spaces. The scheme includes bus layover spaces, roads space changes allowing turning from west to east on Harbour Road, and a new bus stop to act as a starting point for some of the routes.

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The objectives of this scheme:

  • Provide 3 additional bus layover spaces in addition to the 3 already existing on Harbour Road (6 in total), allowing for the independent arrival/departure of buses.
  • Provide a bus turning facility on Harbour Road to minimise bus operation time delays.
  • Provide a new bus stop on Harbour Road.
  • Maintain access to the cruise ship terminal and Harbour Building and ensure these elements are managed carefully during the works to minimise the impact and provide a pleasant arrival location for these passengers at all stages of construction.
  • Provide for pedestrian and cycle facilities along Harbour Road, tying into the Council's Coastal Mobility Route on the east and existing pedestrian facilities on the west.


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