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Over the next week, we will be carrying out works to unwind the trial pedestrianisation in Dún Laoghaire, which was part of our Summer Streets initiative. We committed to the trial being time-bound and reverting to original traffic layout after the last day of the trial, which is 30th September.

Between now and then you'll notice some changes to George's Street, but not everything will be removed! The greening, trees, and public seating we installed at St. Michael's Square will be retained. We'll also be keeping the layout and public realm changes to Myrtle Square until the permanent Part 8 scheme for Myrtle Square can progress.


The following list are some of the changes you may notice over the coming days:

• Planters, seating, and bike parking that was added for the trial in the pedestrianised areas will be removed and will be re-used in other public realm or mobility projects elsewhere in the County.

• Traffic signage and lining will be re-installed on George's Street Lower, Convent Road, and Sussex Street.

• Parking and loading bays will revert to layout as they were before July 5th and the start of pedestrian trial.

• Bus routes and stops will revert to their locations as of October 1st.

• Licencing in relation to the extent of some outdoor trading and dining will need to be reviewed and amended to reflect the return of the original traffic layout.


Extensive monitoring, including stakeholder engagement and surveys have been carried out to guage feedback and the perception of the trial pedestrianisation of George's Street. Some of this monitoring will continue after the trial has been completed and our intention is to complete an evaluation report that will help inform any future decisions on mobility and the public realm in Dún Laoghaire.


We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and cooperation with the alterations that need to take place over the rest of the month.


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