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Enforcement & issuing of fines to be stepped up by Council

Gardaí working in tandem with Council to ensure compliance


Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council is renewing its focus on public awareness of bad parking practices and enforcement on illegal parking, particularly on footpaths and cycle lanes and inconsiderate parking at our amenities, near parks or along the coast as well dangerous overtaking of cyclists.


The need to have footpaths and cycle lanes that are unhindered has always been important, but in the context of Covid-19 and the 2-metre physical distancing requirement, this is now of critical importance. The Council have been receiving reports of illegal parking on footpaths and cycle lanes at various locations across the county.  There is a specific issue of illegal parking at amenity areas such as beaches and parks but also in a number of our towns and villages. 


Over the coming weeks the Council will be stepping up patrols all across the county targeting areas where we get reports of it happening and issuing information on social media regarding illegal or inconsiderate parking to raise awareness of this issue which affects us all – pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. The Council is considering additional measures to limit illegal parking including double yellow lines, bollards and examining the feasibility of making some of the roads one-way only.

Speaking of the renewed effort to combat illegal parking, Cathaoirleach of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Cllr Una Power said:

“Illegal parking is a significant issue across our county, especially during the summer months. This has negative impacts for accessibility to and enjoyment of our amazing local amenities. But blocking footpaths, lane ways and access point is not only anti-social, it’s also potentially dangerous and can cause issues for emergency services. I would appeal to all drivers to ensure they park in designated locations only.”


Illegal parking is a significant issue in our county. Over 2,400 parking tickets by wardens were issued in June 2020 alone, of which a significant portion of these tickets were for parking on footpaths, cycleways, accessible parking spaces, grass verges or blocking bus stops. The Council and the Gardaí are stepping up action against these anti-social practices which can endanger vulnerable path and road users.


Director of Service for the Council, Robert Burns noted:
“Illegal parking particularly on footpaths and cycle lanes is a serious road safety issue and can result in pedestrians, persons with mobility challenges and cyclists having to enter a traffic lane to avoid an obstructing vehicle, and so they may be put at risk of injury or worse.”    


With additional pedestrians and cyclists of all abilities on our roads the Council are also appealing to motorists to drive with caution and urge them to stay within the speed limit. Motorists need to be considerate of cyclists and not overtake or attempt to overtake where they might endanger or cause inconvenience to a cyclist. The Road Safety Authority recommends that motorists maintain minimum passing distances of 1m on roads with a speed limit under 50km/h and within 1.5m on roads with a limit of 50km/h or higher.


Garda Chief Superintendent Matthew Nyland, Dún Laoghaire said:
“We are urging members of the public to be considerate of all road users. This means staying within the speed limit, being considerate of cyclists, and following the minimum passing distances as set out by the Road Safety Authority. An Gardaí Síochána is happy to be working with Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council to facilitate safer roads for all.”


The Council is committed to providing a high-quality public realm for everybody in our communities. The Council and Gardaí will be working together and taking action on these issues to promote a safe outdoor environment for everybody and to ensure compliance with parking laws.


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