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Phone: (01) 2054826

A Deputation meeting provides the platform for a Residents Association/Community Group to meet and discuss issues in their locality with Local Elected Members and Council Officials. Deputations are held in private session therefore the recording of a meeting is not permitted.

How to apply for a Deputation

  • All requests for Deputations must be emailed to, Corporate Affairs Department, Tel: (01) 2054826.
  • Submit the name and contact details of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary of your Residents Association or Community Group.
  • Submit your Constitution (a standard template can be found here).
  • Once your request is received, your group is placed on a waiting list and you will be contacted with a provisional date for the meeting.
  • You will then be contacted for your Agenda items. You may submit a maximum of 5 items. The Description of each item must be less than 100 words. A sample of the Agenda item sheet can be found here.
  • Presentations, if being submitted, should be received a week before the meeting.
  • No deputation from any association or group shall be received more than once in any six-month period.  
  • It is recommended that no deputation shall exceed five persons in number and the maximum duration of discussion between each deputation, Council Members and Council Officials shall be forty-five minutes.
  • The agenda for Deputations will issue in advance of the date the meeting is scheduled to take place.
  • A meeting invite will be sent out to you via Microsoft Teams prior to the meeting.


General Information

Deputations are held monthly on a Wednesday afternoon at 2.15pm, 3.15pm and 4.15pm. The duration of the meetings are 45 minutes.

No Deputation meetings are held in July, August and December.

Proposed Meeting Dates: Wednesdays Closing Dates for applications
17th January 2024 6th December 2023
14th February 2024 5th January 2024
13th March 2024 7th February 2024
10th April 2024 6th March 2024
15th May 2024 5th April 2024







Please see the Customer Service Policy and Action Plan

What items cannot be discussed at a Deputation meeting?

The following items cannot be dealt with at a Deputation meeting:

What is involved in a Deputation meeting?

  • Agenda items are received by the Residents Association or Community Group. These agenda items are then circulated by the Deputations Team to the relevant Council officials. A formal agenda is produced and issued to the Councillors representing that Local Electoral Area.
  • The Deputations Team will confirm the meeting date and time with the Residents Association or Community Group, When the meeting takes place, each item listed on the agenda is discussed in detail with the Elected Members and Council Officials.

Will there be minutes of the Deputations Meeting?

  • Deputation minutes are a summary of the record of actions that were agreed and not a record of everything that was said at the meeting.
  • The minutes will be issued to each Residents Association or Community Group three weeks after their meeting takes place.





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