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dlr Launch New Online "Report It" Form

Monday, May 25, 2020
dlr County
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Reporting of Covid-19 Requests/Complaints particularly related to physical distancing

The DLR Public “Report IT” Form has been launched this week to allow members of the public to report a request or a complaint to the Council via a new online form on the Council’s website and this can also be used to log requests to do with COVID-19 and physical distancing. 

The form has a mapping feature as well as a facility to attach and upload photographs. We will be publicising this form on social media as a means of allowing the public to inform us of physical distancing issues in their locality. The requests are logged on the Council’s CRM system, with a unique reference and assigned to the relevant staff member, as always, but with the online form being more accessible and user-friendly, and it is worth noting that the form is ‘mobile friendly’. Councillors can use this online form, too, if they wish to log COVID-19 related requests. Just click on the ‘Report It’ button on the homepage, or click the link below to go straight to the online form.