Community Foundation Grants for Biodiversity Plans Now Open - Communities get boost to protect Biodiversity

Tuesday, September 13, 2022
dlr County
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The closing date is 4.00pm, Friday 7th October.

With the support of the Department of Housing, Local Government, and Heritage, this fund has been devised to enhance biodiversity in communities throughout the country by combining the expertise of qualified ecologists with the skills, experience and enthusiasm of local community groups.

There are currently two grant rounds open to applications:

1. Developing Community Biodiversity Action Plan and Projects (CBAPPs)
2. Implementing recommendations from a previous CBAPP

Organisations can apply once to one of the grant rounds above.

Groups are being supported to develop actions which will deliver real results with a Community Biodiversity Plan. Communities will work with an ecologist to draw up a community biodiversity action plan within their local community or with two or 3-5 local landowners.

More information here.