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Ballyogan Regional Temporary Rest Centre

Wednesday, April 13, 2022
Intro Text 

• 300 capacity for displaced Ukrainian Nationals with comprehensive wrap around services
• Facility to be main East Region centre
• Multi agency involvement

Local Authorities, state and community and volunteer agencies are taking a leading role in the provision of temporary rest centres for displaced Ukrainian Nationals as well as providing assistance to follow-on longer-term accommodation across the state.

As part of this very significant and important piece of humanitarian work, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council and its East Region colleagues in Dublin City Council, Fingal County Council, South Dublin County Council, Wicklow County Council and Kildare County Council will be taking the initial lead on a regional basis in providing temporary rest facilities for Ukrainian nationals fleeing the war in Ukraine as they enter into our jurisdiction.

Following a series of meetings between senior Council staff from the relevant Local Authorities, Fire Officers and Civil Defence, a large dlr Council owned facility on Ballyogan Road, adjacent to the Council’s Ballyogan Operations Centre and Ballyogan Recycling Centre, was identified as the site most suitable to fulfil the regional need.

This facility will be the East Region Temporary Rest Centre facility and will accommodate up to 300 displaced Ukrainian Nationals for short periods. Thereafter they will be allocated longer term accommodation in other areas of the state.

The existing building and surrounds will be transformed into a safe, comfortable and appropriately designed and managed accommodation centre. The site will be run on a 24- hour basis with a dedicated team of site managers and site operatives who will be contracted in to manage the day-to-day aspect of the facility – from accommodation to catering to appropriate sanitary facilities.

dlr staff and volunteer staff will have a daily presence on the ground to monitor and ensure appropriate operation of the rest centre.   Provision of recreational spaces both inside and outside the facility is also being planned. In addition to local authority teams, other public service organisations will attend and provide essential services on site as required, including HSE support teams and healthcare workers.

The Local Authorities have established a multi-agency Community Response Forum. Its immediate focus is on the speed of response and providing a comprehensive variety of services to those arriving from Ukraine.  Local coordination efforts include Southside Partnership, HSE, An Garda Siochána, Department of Social Protection, dlr Education and Training Board, TUSLA, Community and Family Resource Centres, dlr Volunteers Centre and a number of other community and voluntary groups. 

It is expected that the Ballyogan Regional Temporary Rest Centre (official name) will be open and operational during the week commencing 25 April.

This is a national humanitarian response to a war time emergency situation and the East Region Local Authorities, Civil Defence and the local community and volunteer organisations are committed to providing safe, appropriate and respectful accommodation while facilitating continuous care and embedded service provision.