Arctic Terns raise chicks for the first time on Dalkey Island

Thursday, August 1, 2019
Intro Text 

dlr are thrilled that Arctic Terns have successfully nested and raised chicks on the main island of Dalkey for the first time on record. This is great news as it shows that all the hard work by Birdwatch Ireland and dlr Parks Staff has been successful!

We are continually working to ensure that the island is managed appropriately for the conservation of this wonderful long-lived tern species and the world’s greatest long-distance migrant.

We would also like to thank the public for their cooperation in obeying the Code of Conduct for Visitors for Dalkey Island and for keeping a good distance away from the nests and not disturbing them. You have helped these lovely birds, who have overcome so many challenges, to raise their young on Dalkey Island. 

Further information can be found here.