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What are the "Deco Paints" Regulations?

The Paints, Varnishes & Vehicle Refinishing Regulations  impose various environmental requirements on any businesses engaged in Vehicle Refinishing activities, such as crash repairs. The Regulations apply to all  commercial operators that use solvent-based paint products containing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) on their premises.

The Regulations prohibit the supply and use of certain solvent products containing VOCs, in order to eliminate the potential risk of air pollution. All commercial Vehicle Refinishers must ensure that only compliant solvent products are held and used on their business premises.

Certificates of Compliance

All Vehicle Refinishing installations or premises must also obtain a Certificate of Compliance from their respective local authority in order to legally operate. New businesses must obtain a valid certificate before commencing Vehicle Refinishing activities, and mobile operators must obtain a certificate from each local authority in whose functional area they carry out Vehicle Refinishing  activities.

A certificate may be issued for a maximum period of up to three years in certain circumstances and must be renewed before its date of expiry.

It is an offence for any Vehicle Refinishing installation to operate without a valid Certificate of Compliance, and breaches of the Regulations may incur fines of up to €5,000 upon summary conviction in the District Court.

Applying for a Certificate

In order to obtain a Certificate of Compliance, Vehicle Refinishers must commission an inspection report from an approved assessor and submit this report along with the prescribed application fee and form to their local authority.

The application fee for a new Certificate of Compliance is €70, with a reduced fee of €50 applying for the renewal of an existing valid Certificate. However, if a Certificate is submitted for renewal after its date of expiry, then the higher fee of €70 will apply.

Further information on the Regulations including EPA Best Practice Guidelines for Vehicle Refinishers are available here

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