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Chronic Illness: A creative exploration

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The effects of chronic illness on people’s bodies and lives are varied and, in many cases, poorly understood. Conditions such as myalgic encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and Long Covid, in particular, continue to be glossed over and marginalised by healthcare systems, social benefit providers, and the general public around the world, with further repercussion for the health of those already bearing the brunt of illness.

This exhibition is the outcome of a research project that asked people suffering from ME/CFS, long Covid, and other chronic conditions to use arts to convey what it is like to live with chronic illness. Responses ranged from photographs to drawings, embroideries, knitting, collages, and poetry. This exhibition gathers all those to share the often invisible experiences of chronically ill people and bring to light the resilience and creativity of this community. 


16 – 30 May 2024
Level 4, dlr LexIcon 

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Chronic Illness: A creative exploration
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