Erecting Headstones

Steps involved in erecting a headstone and/or kerbing:

  1. Engage a monumental sculptor/stone mason.
  2. This sculptor must then submit a drawing to the Office at Dean’s Grange specifying the exact measurements of the work he his going to carry out.
  3. This drawing MUST be signed by the owner of the grave. If the registered owner is deceased, the relevant form must be signed by the next of kin of the deceased agreeing to the work being proposed. Proof of grave purchase, if purchased in the previous five years prior to application must also be provided. The same rule applies in the case of a replacement headstone, except there is no fee, as the foundation fees would already have been paid.
  4. The only materials accepted by the Council are limestone, granite or marble.
  5. The cemetery foundation fee (for a single grave) is:
  • ​€220 + VAT @ 13.5% Total Cost €249.70 for headstone only
  • €370 + VAT @ 13.5% Total Cost €419.95 for headstone and kerbing
  • €265 + VAT @ 13.5% Total Cost €300.78 for kerbing where headstone exists

Please note that no kerbing is allowed in Shanganagh cemetery as it is a Lawn Cemetery or in “The Garden” section in Dean’s Grange Cemetery as this is also a lawned  area.

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