Let's Draw a Biodiversity Map of your Garden, Park or Balcony

What is Biodiversity in my local area?

In simple terms “biodiversity” includes all the variety of life on Earth. It is the diversity of nature, of our habitats, plants, and animals (including us) and their interconnections with each other. We are a part of nature and everything in nature is connected.

Take a look around your garden, your patio or balcony, and your local park. See if you can spot our biodiversity. Then see if you can tell which areas are better for biodiversity for example is a tightly cut lawn better for biodiversity than a strip of unmown grass? 

Things to think about when you are drawing your map

What are you going to map for biodiversity - trees, plants, animals, invertebrates (bees, butterflies), birds ?

Are there any areas of unmown grass in your garden or meadow areas in your park for wildlife?

What time of the year is it? Is spring, summer, autumn or winter?

What biodiversity have you spotted?

What is your favourite animal or plant?

What little thing can you do to help biodiversity?

Click on the two Videos below to help you draw a biodiversity map. 

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