Rosemount Court, Dundrum


A unique insight into the design philosophy of Rosemount Court, Dundrum Social Housing with dlr Architects Sarah Clifford and Andrew Devonport. The documentary explains the vision and the passion behind creating a new place and identity for a community.

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Rosemount Court has an area of 0.9 hectares and formally accommodated 84 dwelling units in three five storey apartment blocks. The apartment blocks were in poor condition and were demolished in 2011. The site is bounded, to the west by a perimeter wall and to the north, east and south by existing residential development. The site enjoys excellent local connections to public transport including QBC and Luas routes and is also convenient to local facilities. Vehicular access to the site is provided via Mount Carmel Road and Mount Carmel Avenue.
The brief identified the need for a mixture of house types with the majority of the accommodation being 3 bed family houses, together with a mix of 1 and 2 bed units. The design concept is to provide 44 high quality dwellings set around a shared community ‘green’ and two ‘home zones’.
The architectural form of the development promote a high degree of overlooking and passive surveillance to public areas and gives the residents a secure sense of place and community. The visual impact of vehicular parking has been minimised by integrating it into building setbacks with screen planting while the use of ‘home zones’ will provide informal play and amenity space.
Accommodation is generally provided in wide fronted 3 storey terrace format and a small three storey apartment unit along the eastern boundary. The dwellings generally enjoy own door access and have carefully delineated private space to both the front and back. Dwellings are generally single aspect above the ground floors to reduce the impact of overlooking.


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