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A number of users have reported seeing connection error messages when trying to login  using MobilePass and Citrix. These messages indicate a temporary outage due to the large increase in the number of users logging in remotely. If you see these errors there is nothing to be done other than wait and try again later. When logged in and exiting, can you make sure to log out of Citrix correctly via the start button at the bottom of your screen as using the disconnect link at the top of the page keeps your session open on the server and doesn't free up licences for others.

  • Staff Login (Citrix - We have limited licences and bandwidth so only priority staff are set up to use Citrix)
  • How-To Login Video (Watch this if you need help logging in to Citrix)
  • Dynamics 365 Mobile Phone (If you have a staff mobile phone and a Dynamics Licence you use this)

You can now log all IT incidents and requests online here. They will be responded to as soon as possible.You will receive an automatic email with the reference number after submitting your incident or request.

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 If you are having connection issues please log a call with our online service desk and we will be in touch.