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dlr supporting pedal power this May in the European Cycling Challenge

Thursday, May 4, 2017
dlr County
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The European Cycling Challenge is live from now until the end of May!  If you have access to a bike, now is your opportunity to be part of Dublin's Biggest and most inclusive Cycling Team!  It’s an urban challenge, Dublin is your team and every km counts, you can join in whether you cycle 5kms or 500kms this May.  

To find out how you can sign up, click HERE.

If using the Naviki App to record your trips, don’t forget to hit ‘record trip’ before you leave; or if you don’t have a smartphone or you want to backlog trips, you can do so by uploading, or manually drawing in, trips via the website, for more info click HERE.

Prizes - there will be cycle related prizes, as well as weekly goody bags to be won - if you are not in, you can't win.  To get things started, we have some goody bags for fun sharable photos! If you have some, send them to cyclechallenge@nationaltransport.ie

You can register by downloading the Naviki app or via the Cycling Challenge website. If you register and you then get a friend to enter, you can enter a draw for one of three X-Mini Click Wireless Speakers, as well as a Cycle Challenge t-shirt for both you and your friend. Simply enter your names by clicking HERE.​  Remember, anyone who has access to a reliable bicycle (a Dublin Bike counts) can join in. It doesn't matter if you cycle 3km or 300 km, the goal is to have fun!! 

For some top tips covering a range of cycling topics including bike maintenance (useful videos included), bike security, cycle safety and some reminders about just how good cycling is for your health, CLICK HERE.  

Follow the challenge on Facebook and Twitter  @STWorkplaces , or better yet, share the message.

Of course we would all like to see Dublin do well on the cities leaderboard, currently coming 19th out of 52 cities, but what we are really aiming for is for everyone to enjoy some happy pedalling this May!