Lions Mane jellyfish spotted off the dlr coast at Sandycove today (June 13th)

Thursday, June 13, 2019
dlr County
Intro Text 

Warning Signs have been erected in the Life Guard patrolled area at Sandycove as Lions Mane jelly fish have been spotted here and further into the bay this afternoon Whilst bathing has not been prohibited, swimmers are advised to be proceed with caution. As an added precaution the life guard warning flags are on red and will remainin place till further notice.

dlr Life Guards are actively keeping a vigilant eye on the water and bathers. Lions Mane jelly fish can still deliver a sting when washed up on the beach and precaution should prevail when both in and out of the water. These species of jelly fish can deliver a verminous sting and may cause medical complications.

If stung and suffer any serious symptoms including nausea, vomiting or respiratory distress you should seek medical attention immediately.

For further information please contact the dlr Communications Office at 01 2047096 and commsoffice@dlrcoco.ie