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DLR shortlisted for Excellence in Local Government Awards

Thursday, November 23, 2017
dlr County
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We have been shortlisted for four awards at the Chambers Ireland, Excellence in Local Government Awards 2017 which takes place tonight, Thursday 23rd November 2017.

Awards Category


Local Authority Innovation

Dlr Downsizing Initiative

Best Library Service

Sunday Opening at dlr Lexicon

Supporting Tourism

Dlr Spring Into Heritage/Summer of Heritage

Sustaining the Arts

Dlr Caterpillar Commissions


Local Authority Innovation - Dlr Downsizing Initiative

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown (DLR) has over 5000 housing applicants on our Social Housing Support list. The Council has a housing stock of over 4500 homes and 13 per cent of our tenants are living in houses that may no longer suit or accommodate their lifestyle.  We understand that downsizing can be an emotional journey for many people that have raised their families in their existing home. There can be a reluctance to move, unless the new property specifically meets the tenants’ long-term needs. Hence DLR is actively investing in the design and surrounding environment of specific developments to promote downsizing, facilitating tenants to choose a home suitable to their needs.   The advantage to the Council is that larger homes are returned and reallocated to new families on the waiting list.

Best Library Service - Sunday Opening at dlr Lexicon

Following the adoption of the dlr Library Development Plan in April 2016 which has a key objective of increasing accessibility to the libraries and opening hours where possible, dlr LexIcon commenced Sunday Opening from 28th August 2016 from 12.00-4.00pm on a pilot basis.  On a Sunday, facilities open to the public include access to the Central Library, the Municipal Gallery, the Car Park and Brambles Café.  The building is staffed by Facilities Management.  Usage is different on a Sunday with no library staff on duty.  With the use of self service technology the public avail of the following: Returning & Borrowing Stock, Public Internet PCs and WiFi, Sunday Newspapers, Study Spaces and Social Meeting Place.  Sunday usage has grown significantly with some 1,300 people visiting the building each weekend. Dlr LexIcon is the first public library in Ireland to open on a Sunday.

Supporting Tourism - Dlr Spring into Heritage/Summer of Heritage

The Spring into Heritage and Summer of Heritage events, are a series of Free guided tours run by the Heritage Office of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council. They are suitable for schools, students, families, community groups, active retired, historic groups, and tourists interested in our heritage. They are a great way of informing and educating people about the true historical value of an area, building, or object.

These free guided tours create interest and build excitement by guiding the visitor through a heritage site, uncovering the fascinating history of a place that an audience member may have lived in, or passed by their whole life, yet might not have had the opportunity of entering it before. We have tours to suit everyone, in many locations, including Churches, Burial Grounds, Obelisks, Castles, Museums, Country Houses, Martello Towers, Nature Trails, and a Biosphere tour of Dublin Bay

2016 saw a massive increase in visitor numbers, the highest since 2008, with almost 28,000 people attending our Events. The success that DLR Heritage has achieved is testament to the current and previous marketing activity. The level of engagement and attendance at events means that there is a strong appetite for the initiative. 

Sustaining the Arts - Dlr Caterpillar Commissions

dlr Caterpillar Commissions were developed to respond to the need for better access to cultural activities for very young children within their own locality. These funded opportunities to create new art works are based in community childcare facilities within our County. (These facilities provide support for parents in low paid employment and training or education by enabling qualifying parents to avail of reduced childcare costs).We have commissioned four projects to date, each are inspired by and developed with the children and the early years educators. This approach allows the artists to reflect on and develop the artistic work with their target audience from the start.