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Household Food Waste 


Regulations have now been introduced to help increase levels of food waste segregation and recovery from domestic households in Ireland, thus reducing the amount of food waste sent for landfill disposal. From July 2013 you must use your brown bin for food waste or compost it at home.

The Household Food Waste & Bio-Waste Regulations 2015 require:

  • Waste collectors to provide a separate bin and collection service for household food waste.
  • Householders to segregate food waste from other waste and either present it for collection by an authorised collector or compost it at home.

Please note: All household waste collection is now privatised and carried out by private companies. Panda and Greyhound are the two operators providing a kerbside wheelie bin service in our area. All information regarding Waste Collection Permit Holders, who currently provide household kerbside collections in the Dublin Region, and countrywide, is available on the National Waste Collection Permit Office or phone 057 935 7428 for further information.

Householders Must Not Put Food Waste In Their General Waste Bin.

Only compostable bags certified to EN 13432 (indicated on the packaging) should be used to line food waste bins (brown bin). Plastic bin liners/bags cannot be used as they contaminate the composting process.

Stop Food Waste
There are many ways to reduce food waste and save money e.g. by carefully planning menus and sticking to a shopping list, using freezers wisely, using leftovers creatively and controlling portion sizes. Other ideas can be found at

For further information on brown bins go to

Commercial Food Waste

The Waste Management (Food Waste) Regulations 2009 apply to a wide range of premises that prepare and/or serve food, from restaurants, pubs and hotels, to hospitals, schools and staff canteens. Producers of food waste are required to segregate their waste food at source and put their food waste in a separate bin for collection by an authorised waste collector.