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Join us for this special series of free Winter Workshops available to watch in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you!

These workshops are designed to brighten up this Winter and are aimed at older people living at home.

Email us at and let us know what workshops you would like to view and we will send you the link.

If you need any help advice with how to get online for these workshops just email the Arts Office on this email: with your name and phone number.

These workshops are available to view until the end of March 2021.


Songs off the Beaten Track with Brendan MacQuaile

A selection of songs once made popular on the ‘Hit Parade’ now sadly lost in the mists of time, revisited here with background stories that prove as interesting as the songs themselves….Irish, English, French and Italian...Who Knows?


Well Dance with Dance Theatre of Ireland

Dance Theatre of Ireland, provides an uplifting, fun, creative dance class for all abilities. It will seamlessly transport you to a very joyful place, whilst improving breathing, balance, fluidity, strength - all to great music. This can be done whilst sitting or standing.

Image of people dancing

Sing with Eamon Sweeney 

Singalong with Eamon Sweeney, The shortest distance between two people is sometimes a song - and in these physically distanced times it can be wonderful to sing together. Eamon Sweeney is a musician with a deep interest in working in community settings with people of all ages.

Image of Eamon Sweeney

Drawing with artist Julie Merriman 

Drawing is hand-made, responsive and reflexive. The emphasis of the workshop will be on the experience and process of making marks.

Instead of usng the word 'draw' we will talk about 'moving the pencil', however feels comfortable. We will make a series of images focused on each participants hand, looking also at colour and the effect it has on the senses.

Image of hand drawing


This series of Winter Workshops is co-ordinated by Sheila Grace.

Funded by the HSE/dlr County Council Arts and Health Partnership