Council Working with European Counterparts on Mobility Initiatives

Monday, July 6, 2020
dlr County
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Learning from best practice & experience

dlr are now working in collaboration with the Cycling Embassy of Denmark and Danish consultants, Ramboll on a number of initiatives on active mobility, including promoting and facilitating safe walking and cycling connectivity to schools, third-level institutions and places of work, a residential safe and quiet streets initiative and advice on the design and installation of cycling infrastructure, as well as junction design. 

This is part of our Covid-19 response to facilitate safe walking and cycling for all.  We want to learn from those countries and organisations who have been planning and installing safe walking and cycling infrastructure for the last 30 to 40 years. Ramboll are world leaders in providing active and smart mobility solutions and we are delighted to be working with them and the Cycling Embassy of Denmark.

We also plan to engage with practitioners, urban planners and engineers in city and municipal authorities in Denmark and the Netherlands to learn from their experience and look, among other things, at models they use for effective and timely community engagement.

Speaking of the collaboration Director of Service for Infrastructure & Climate Change, Robert Burns said:

“We are looking to learn from the knowledge and experience of countries like Denmark and the Netherlands, who have established safe, effective and attractive active mobility networks in their countries for over 30 years, both in terms of dlr’s shorter term Covid-19 response and longer term future transportation planning for the county.”

For further information the Cycling Embassy of Denmark please see here: and for some of their general recommendations please see here:


For information on Ramboll please see here: