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dlr Times County Development Plan Special Edition 2021

Thursday, February 4, 2021
dlr County
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Welcome to our dlr Times County Development Plan Special Edition.
The Draft County Development Plan 2022 – 2028 – is a spatial Plan that sets out a framework to guide future development in the County over the six years from 2022– 2028. What is important is that future growth in the County strengthens and enhances the existing necklace of towns and villages in the County whilst also allowing new communities and sustainable neighbourhoods emerge, resulting in a County that is sustainable, inclusive, climate resilient, economically diverse and healthy.
With this in mind the Draft Plan focuses on people, homes and placemaking and introduces a number of new concepts including the “10-minute” neighbourhood whereby people can access the services they need, such as shops, parks, playgrounds, schools, all within a ten minute time frame of their home, by walking cycling or using public transport. It allows the “stay local” concept to come to life. The Plan also introduces a new land use zoning objective - Sustainable neighbourhood Infrastructure – which covers our schools, places of worship, community and civic facilities, recognising the valuable role they play within the communities they serve. This important Plan is for you and your area and sets the scene for many years to come. 
Please explore our virtual room, where you can see all the aspects of the plan and also make a submission.