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Join artist Clare Henderson for two very special printmaking workshops for children.

Stamp Making Workshop


Roller Print Workshop


Create your own rollers with materials you can find in most kitchens, to print, personalise and decorate your own art, gift bags and wrapping paper.

Graphic Studio Dublin member, Clare Henderson, will take you through the process of making and printing with homemade rollers to create your very own textured and patterend homemade prints. You can choose to make just one of the rollers she demonstrates, or all three, and you can see how she covers large areas quickly and easily so you can choose to make your own regular sized piece of art, or large scale wrapping paper, depending on the size of the paper you have to hand.

Materials for Rollers:
Jar/Tin can/Cardboard tube
String/Elastic bands/Foam cloth, glue stick and rolling pin
Materials for Printing:
J Cloth
Greaseproof paper 
Sponge cut into 4 to 6 pieces (one piece for each colour)
Poster Paint or similar
Coloured paper, cartridge paper, brown paper bags or brown parcel wrapping paper.