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Biodiversity - Things to Do

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Gardening for Biodiversity Book and Colouring Book 

These months are likely to be very different and difficult for most of us. But some things continue the same as ever, one is our Biodiversity – the birds are singing and building nests, the leaves and buds on the trees are unfolding, the flowers are blooming, and the natural world is all set for a new year of growth and regeneration.

Gardening for Biodiversity and Wildlife Books 

There are many ways you can help biodiversity in your own garden - no matter how big or small the space - and no matter where you live. There are lots of ways in which you might want to open your garden up to nature - even in very small ways - perhaps by hanging up a bird box; or in larger ways, such as making a wildlife pond. 

The Gardening for Biodiversity book along with a Biodiversity in your Garden Colouring Book for children are provided in the documents on the top righthand panel (Related Documents).  


The books were produced by our heritage friends in Laois County Council and supported by the Local Authority Heritage Officers Network, Department of Culture Heritage and the Gaeltacht, N.P.W.S and the Heritage Council.

See if you can name that bird!!

With less bustle and noise around us we can hear the birds singing, see them flitting here and there gathering the materials for their nests such as moss, fluff and twigs. So let’s see if you can tell what birds you see in your garden or surrounding 2km area with help from the RSPB who have a great interactive guide to birds. Once you’ve identified your bird, the website also allows you to listen to its song, helping you to further improve your identification skills.

Take a look here:

Why not play bird bingo?

For a fun game, simply draw a 3×3 grid on a piece of paper and write the name of a common birds in each square or use the one we have created for you in the documents on the top righthand panel (Related Documents) along with a Birdwatch Ireland Bird Guide. Put a cross in the square when you spot the bird – the winner is the first to cross off all nine squares.

Make a mammal tunnel for your Garden

If you have a garden then this might be a good way to learn about mammals who visit your garden. Most species of our mammals are nocturnal (come out at night) or crepuscular (active at dusk and dawn) and many visitors, especially the smaller ones, will go unseen. However, they will often leave signs that they have been present marks in the ground, prints or hairs. Mammal prints are given on the Mammal Print sheet in the top righthand panel under Related Documents.

Here is a video to help you to make a mammal tunnel to find out what creatures wonder around your garden at night that you do not see. But get an adult to help you. If you don't have cat or dog food put a small piece of cooked carrot in the tunnel.