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dlr win Excellence in Local Government Award for Otranto Seaside Garden

Friday, November 29, 2019
dlr County
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dlr are delighted to win in the Excellence in Local Government Awards for Otranto Seaside Gardens in the Enhancing the Urban Environment Award.

The Otranto Seaside Garden is a place of beauty, that is safe, easily-accessible and enjoyable for all, not forgetting the inspiring view across the bay.

Located in a unique cultural setting, framed by Scotsman’s Bay, Joyce Tower, and the popular Sandycove Beach, Otranto Seaside Garden, Sandycove is one of Dublin’s smallest, but locally-significant, public spaces. The Garden is beside a well-used pedestrian-cycle route that is part of a “Coastal” Corridor. In terms of strategic land-use planning and placemaking, the latter is the first of six spatial corridors identified in Dlr’s countywide Green Infrastructure Strategy (Appendix 14, County Development Plan 2016-22). The “Coastal” Corridor incorporates the existing Heritage and Tourism Trail, link Sandycove and Dalkey to Dún Laoghaire Town.