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The Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage (Circular PL 7/2017 refers) required all local authorities in the Dublin area and the other four main cities were to develop and adopt Vacant Homes Action Plans by the end of October 2017.

We published the Vacant Homes Action Plan 2017-2020 and we have taken the time to review what has been done so far. We are also working on a revised and extended plan that encompasses the enhanced responsibilities of the Vacant Homes Officer and fits in with the new mechanisms and priorities determined by central government. The new plan is in advanced preparation and we expect to formally launch it shortly.

The objective of the action plan is to:

• get a better understanding of the current vacancy levels,
• find where empty homes are located and who owns them,
• maximise publicity around the various incentives and schemes whereby the  vacant properties may be made available for sale or rent,
• prioritise and target those areas where housing demand is most severe.

If you have any queries on available schemes to bring vacant properties back into use for social housing, please contact our Vacant Homes Officer at 01 2054840 or