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The Department of Housing Planning and Local Government (DHPLG) by letter dated 2nd August 2017, (Circular PL 7/2017 refers), mandated all local authorities in the Dublin area and the other four main cities to develop and adopt Vacant Homes Action Plans by the end of October 2017 which covers the period from 2017-2020.  Please see our Action Plan in the related documents on this page.

The general objective of the Action Plan is to get a better understanding of the current vacancy levels, to ascertain where empty homes are located and who owns these vacant properties and then to prioritise and target those areas where housing demand is most acute.

The demand for social housing in dlr far outreaches supply and as a result there are almost 5000 people on the social housing support list. We are maximising delivery through utilising all options available in order to increase housing supply, including construction, acquisitions, leasing, HAP and RAS and through working co-operatively with Approved Housing Bodies. 

Due to the very high rental income that can be achieved in the private residential sector in the dlr area and the high demand there are very few vacant properties or properties available for rent in the market in this administrative area. However there are some properties vacant as they are not up to letting standard, utilising these vacant homes is another option which may assist in addressing increasing demand. Bringing vacant homes back into use is also of benefit to communities as vacant properties, can be unsightly and attract anti-social behaviour