Intro Text 

The dlr Cultural Connections programme aims to create a local network of older people and volunteers interested in attending events in the Pavilion Theatre. Managed by Making Connections via their befriending scheme the programme targets socially isolated older people referred by social workers and public health nurses. The volunteers are generally younger adults.

In December 2019 volunteers accompanied the people they visit, to an event in the Pavilion theatre.  The event Abba Forever  took place on December 4th. Participants met for tea and coffee in the Pavilion before the event and the Making Connections group had the opportunity to meet the artists afterwards.

One older lady who has attended the events said ‘“It’s just feel great to be part of something. Otherwise I’d be just sitting at home listening to silence and watching the four walls”

dlr Cultural Connections is managed by Making Connections, funded by the DLR CoCo/ HSE Arts & Health Partnership with the support of Pavilion Theatre.

For more information contact Making Connections: Phone (01) 2951053 or email