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Sea Change IADT; 21 years of Art, Film and Animation

Opens the 14 September

This anniversary exhibition includes contributions from alumni in the specialist fields of art, film and animation. The exhibition is curated by Oonagh Young and highlights the diversity of artistic practices that have been developed over twenty one years by graduates. The ‘sea change’ signifies a shift away from the traditional role of the creative industries, in-line with advancements in technology and is evident in the wide range of exciting and innovative professional artistic practices featured in this exhibition. 

The exhibition features art works and films by David Beattie, Jenny Brady, Alan-James Burns, Nina Canell, Anita Delaney, Damien Flood, Mark Garry, Adam Gibney, Jesse Jones, Vera Klute, Mateusz Lubecki, Bea Mac Mahon, Maser, Fiona Marron, Ciaran Murphy, Gavin Murphy, Isobel Nolan, Meadhbh O’Connor and Sonia Shiel, and books by Sarah Baume, Fiona Gannon, James Merrigan, Chris Fite Wassilack, Sue Rainsford and Ciaran Walsh.

Claire Behan has created a fantastic Learning Programme, jam packed with activities for all ages, full details here