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The beautful Dublin Coast is truly where the city meets the sea. There’s a host of actvites to enjoy on land and in the pristne waters of the Irish Sea. You can learn to sail, enjoy a thrilling trip in a power-boat, or try paddleboarding, kayaking and kite-surfng. Dive in for a sea swim or just relax on the beach. Go fishing or take a cruise and learn about the incredible Dublin Bay UNESCO Biosphere.

Hire a bike or simply go for a stroll and enjoy the breath-taking views. Visit the charming towns and villages which adorn our coastline – there are loads of fun cultural atractons and delights just waitng for you to discover them. You can explore ancient castles and harbours, browse unique boutques, and eat in some of the best restaurants in Ireland. The choice is yours.

The Urban Splash trail ofers something for everyone – from families to couples of all ages, from extreme sports enthusiasts to travellers who just want to soak it all in. Best of all, it starts just 10 minutes from Dublin City Centre.