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Opens Saturday 3 February
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An exhibition of work by sisters Diana Copperwhite and Shirley Copperwhite.  This was the first time that the sisters have exhibited together. Diana is a painter whose practice encompasses wall drawings, installation and painting. Shirley is a surface designer with over thirty years’ experience.

Diana Copperwhite is a painter who explores the relationship between colours, gestures, figuration and representation. Copperwhite amalgamates images from the internet, photographs, and real life, unifying these sources in paintings that critically assess the medium’s ability to represent images, sensations, and ideas. For dlr Lexicon she will show paintings and a large wall installation. The pattern for the wall piece is derived from an on-going series of random images and videos sent to her by people in the Dún Laoghaire area.

Shirley Copperwhite is a surface designer. She gets her ideas from looking at patterns imagined and real. Whether it’s leaves falling or brickwork interlocking she looks at the everyday and reduces it into colourful surreal patterns for use in her printed surfaces. Abstract and representational shapes are stacked, layered and interlocked in repeat patterns reminiscent of op art and modernist design. For this exhibition she will show a specially commissioned rug and printed fabrics.

We had lots of workshops, tours and a very special Design Day as part of the exhibition Learning Programme