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What is the “entry year property levy”?

The entry year property levy is a charge which the Local Authority applies to all newly erected or newly constructed properties pending the levying of commercial rates. It was introduced under the Local Government (Business Improvement Districts) Act 2006, which was enacted on the 24th December 2006.

Is the charge additional to commercial rates?

No.  It is only assessed until such time as the property becomes liable for commercial rates.

How is the charge calculated?

The charge is calculated by reference to:

>  Rateable valuation of the property as determined by the Commissioner of Valuation.

>  The annual rate on valuation as determined by the Council.

>  The date (entry date) the property is valued for rating purposes (i.e. entered in the valuation list).

>  The number of days from the effective valuation date to the end of the year.

Can you give me an example?

Say that a property is newly constructed and capable of occupation on 1st February 2023 and it is valued for rating purposes on 10th February 2023 with a rateable valuation (RV) of €100,000.  The annual rate on valuation (a multiplier) determined by the Council at its annual Budget Meeting for 2023 is .1801.

The bill for the relevant portion of the year would be calculated as per the following example:             

               R.V.    x  annual rate x    no of days ÷ days in year = Assessment

         €100,000   x     .1801      x       325        ÷       365          =   €16,036.30

Who is liable for the charge?

According to the Act the “levypayer” is liable.  The levypayer can be

a)   The person who is in occupation of the property on the entry date i.e. the date the property is placed on the valuation list  


b)  If the property is vacant on the entry date, the owner.

If the property is unoccupied, is the charge payable?

Yes. Fifty per cent (50%) of the charge is payable by the owner if the property is unoccupied on the entry date.  The following conditions apply in order to avail of this reduced rate (proofs required):

                        >The owner was not occupying the property on the entry date.

                         >No other person was entitled to occupy

                         >Attempts were being made to let the property

When does the charge become payable?

The charge becomes payable in full 30 days after the bill is issued. 

Will the levy be recalculated if rateable valuation of the property for the levy year is amended on appeal?

Yes. The account will be recalculated using the amended rateable valuation for the property from the effective date. If the account was overpaid as a result of the initial assessment, a refund will be made to the levypayer. If the amendment results in an underpayment, the levypayer will be responsible for the amount owing.

If I want more information about this, who do I contact?

You can contact the Finance Department of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council at Tel: (01) 205 4821 or email

You can also refer to the Act itself which can be seen on