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‘then again’ an installation by Catherine Delaney

‘then again’ an installation by Catherine Delaney consisted of an assemblage of unwanted clothes that are heaped in the corner of the Gallery space. These were produced by actions such as random piling, loose stacking and dropping, allowing the assemblage to shift and move in unpredictable ways emphasising the nature of the material. The physical nature of matter alone motivates its use, rather than the artist’s subjective decision making. Therefore, the installation achieves a new and independent form each time it is displayed, based on the arbitrary behaviour of the materials from which it is composed.

Mausoleums of Precious Belongings, Fiona Hackett

Fiona Hackett’s work Mausoleums of Precious Belongings explores the spaces of self-storage facilities in this conceptual documentary photography project. In the self-storage spaces on the outskirts of cities and towns new spaces have been established to meet the needs of contemporary life. Corridors echo with reverberations of ‘hurried lives’ and are welcome haunts to deposit, for better or worse, the uncertain relationship we have with belongings – simultaneously both precious and meaningless things. The exhibition included images of these strange spaces as well as portraits of people with some of the interesting items that they are storing. 

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