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CoCo Market Rents

Schedule of Market Rents

The CoCo Markets rental fees are based on the product being sold and are listed below. Charges apply monthly. If a vendor trades in two markets the fee is doubled, in three markets the fee is tripled (Saturday and Sunday Marlay Markets are 2 separate markets):


Monthly Fee Per Market

VAT 21%


Cat 1 - Hot Food




Cat 2- Other Food




Cat 3- Food Producer




Cat 4- Non Food/Craft       




Cat 5- Artist - hanging space only




Cat 6 - Outdoor Games




The reduced artist rate is only available in the Peoples Park as it relates to hanging space on the railings along The Metals. Artists are welcome to apply for a space in Marlay Park, however the craft rate will apply as it is a 3 x 3 metre pitch. 


Electricity Charges:

All vendors using electricity will be charged a per socket charge. If you do not use electricity there is no additional change to your rent.  

The fees are:


Cost per 16 AMP socket per month

VAT 21%


Cat 1 - Hot Food Electricity




Cat 2 - All others




This fee is per socket – so if you use 2 sockets you will be charged double. The charge is also per market – if you use one socket in Dún Laoghaire CoCo Market and one socket in Marlay Park CoCo Market you will be charged for 2 sockets.