Intro Text 

The Planning Department's Building Control section is responsible for the enforcement of the Building Control Acts 1990 & 2007, and Regulations made under these Acts, which it does through regular monitoring and inspections of developments.  Building Control is also responsible for the inspection of developments prior to the statutory taking in charge procedure, to ensure Council standards are met.

The Taking in Charge Process

When a residential development is completed in accordance with all the conditions and particulars of the planning permission, the developer may make a written request to the Planning and Organisational Innovation Department to have the estate taken in charge (roads and services). The application may be made using the Councils Taking in charge application form. ( which can be found in the related documents field on the right hand side of the page). 

Most of the new developments are private and will be managed by a Management Company, except in some cases the main roads and some open space within the development may be for taking in charge and in these cases the responsibility for maintaining these rest with the County Council. 

The fee for issuing a certificate confirming Taking in Charge or not by the Council is €125.

Development Works Guidance:

The Council's requirements in respect of roads, services including street lighting and open space is set out in Development Works Guidance Document

This document has been produced by Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council for the purpose of setting out requirements for site development works and providing guidance to developers undertaking development works within the County area. Outlining the Council's requirements in respect of roads, services including street lighting and open spaces. 

The document also provides guidance on the standards and technical specification for site development works outside the curtilage of the private site dwelling area.  Generally, the standard of works to be done within the curtilage of the private dwelling area is regulated by the Building Control Acts, 1990 and 2007.

Please note that items 6 and 7 of the Development Works Guidance Document no longer apply to current developments.