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Commissioned by Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, funded as part of the Creative Ireland Programme and supported by IADT.

Calvin & Claire

2021, Director Cormac Campbell


Whether tethered together and climbing vertical rock faces or chatting at the kitchen table, Calvin Torrans and Clare Sheridan are perfectly attuned. This new documentary offers insight into the life of two of Ireland’s most accomplished and respected rock climbers who have been climbing partners and life partners for over 45 years.


The film follows the couple on a weekend climbing on the iconic cliffs of Fair Head, Co Antrim when Clare attempts the first ascent of a new route. She recalls a time when young women, even intrepid ones like her, were told “girls don’t climb”. Calvin speaks of the changes in practice and equipment since the simpler early days of climbing in Ireland when climbers simply tied a rope around their waist and set off into the unknown. As a climber himself director Cormac Campbell captures the nuances of the climb and deftly interweaves breath-taking footage with an intimate but unintrusive interview with this remarkable couple.

Act IV: "A domino effect of cosmic chaos"
Ann Upton, 2021

This short animated film follows a non-character and experimental narrative structure. The imagery is inspired by dreams of the director, as well as concepts of mathematics and physics.  The film explores contrasting themes of order and disruption, pattern and chaos.


Ann Upton is an experimental animator from Waterford, Ireland. Her work takes a playful and innovative approach to media and presentation. Her work has screened internationally, notably at the Galway Film Fleadh in 2019. Ann lectures in the National Film School at IADT, while pursuing personal filmmaking projects.