Traffic Section is responsible for licensing and providing road signing and lining on all roads in the County, while the Road Maintenance Section is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of signage.

The National Roads Authority (NRA) has overall responsibility for the national road network; that includes planning, supervision and signposting.

Clear and effective signing is essential for:

  • Efficient & safe operation of the road network
  • Enforcement of traffic regulations

If you would like to make a formal application for statutory signing and lining click on our "How do I request signing and lining on a road?" , frequently asked question to tell you how.

Road signage can be divided into 4 main types:


Directional signs

Directional signs normally give road users information about routes, places and facilities of particular value and interest. They can be broken down into the following headings:

  • Regional and street signs
  • Motorway
  • Local Information