Intro Text 

The Planning Department is providing a facility for persons, or their agents, to have their planning applications validated on the same day at the public counter.

The service is provided at the Planning Department Public counter. 
Thursdays only. Level 1 between the hours of 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.  


  • Much faster validation process.
  • Applicant/Agent can deal immediately with any minor queries the validation team may have with regad to the application.
  • Applicant/Agent knows immediately that their application is validated.

Please Note 

To assist you, and the Council, with this process, and to avoid delays for other customers the following should be noted:

Only planning applications for domestic extensions, for residential development of less than 10 units, or non-residential development of less than 1,000 sq.m. will be accepted and validated at the counter.  All documentation must be provided by the applicant/agent.

The council advises that the agent/architect should be present to answer any queries that the validation team may have. The application should not be presented by a courier or someone unfamiliar with the proposal and drawings.

  • Documentation must be presented and arranged in six separate sets [or 13, in the case of an application involving a Protected Structure]
  • Please note that Planners or Planning staff will not be providing general planning advice at this counter.
  • This validation service is being provided on a “without prejudice” basis. In accordance with the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 (As Amended), it should be noted that an application may be declared invalid at a later date, e.g at Site Notice inspection.

Your co-operation in providing the proper documentation will greatly assist in avoiding delays for other customers who may be waiting to have their application validated.