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You Cannot Vote If You Are Not Registered

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Thursday, February 2, 2017
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The 2017/2018 Register of Electors has been published and comes into effect on 15th February 2017.

To check if you are registered to vote, please log on to www.checktheregister.ie

You can also check the current Register of Electors at Libraries, Post Offices and Garda Stations.  Alternatively, you can contact the Franchise Section on Tel: 2054880.  If you are correctly registered you don’t need to take any further action.

However, if any changes are required e.g. if you have never been registered to vote or will be 18 years of age during the year, please complete the RFA2 form.  If you have changed address you need to complete the RFA3 change of address form. 

Voting Status

If you are on our Register with the following letter in front of your name

L = Local may vote at Local elections.

E = European Citizens may vote at European and Local elections.

D = UK Citizen may vote in local, European and General elections.

If you have obtained Irish Citizenship, you need to complete the RFA5 form for your citizenship to be updated and attach proof.

All forms can be downloaded from our website HERE