Whiskered Bat recorded in Cabinteely Park

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Monday, September 4, 2017
Cabinteely Park
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DLR is delighted that the whiskered bat (an uncommon and little-known bat), has been recorded by Bat Conservation Ireland in Cabinteely Park by Paul Scott during a Bat Walk in Cabinteely Park organised for Heritage Week in August 2017.

This is a new recording for whiskered bat in the county. The whiskered bat is closely related to the Natterer’s, Daubenton’s and Brandt’s bats It typically forages along woodland tracks or near water and Cabinteely Park offers diverse and suitable habitats for this species. It has a rapid fluttering flight and flies along a regular ‘beat’ over and over again.They mate from autumn to spring, inclusive of hibernation period and a single young is born from mid-June. The maximum age recorded is 19 years but on average whiskered bats only live for four years.