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Physical Distancing Assessment Initiative in DLR

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020
dlr County
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It is a key priority for Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council to do all it can to protect and safeguard the public from the spread of Covid-19.  To date, we have introduced a number of measures to assist the public to comply with social distancing guidelines, including the installation of fixed and variable signage, markings and physical barriers in or near many of our public amenities.

The Council is conscious that existing public amenities were never designed with social or physical distancing in mind. While people are making a huge effort to observe social distancing guidelines, it is acknowledged that the nature and design of some of our public amenities can present challenges.

We are undertaking detailed research to gain a better understanding of the current situation at our public amenities, such as piers, beaches and parks, using an evidence-based approach. This will inform decision-making in relation to additional changes and adjustments that may be required to further facilitate the public with social distancing guidelines, in their current form, or should these guidelines change into the future.

The research will involve both ground-based and aerial surveys to gather key information such as level of usage, busiest times, the impact on movement caused by width of paths, pinch points, use of footbridges and underpasses within our public amenities.

Ground surveys will be undertaken by Council staff at certain public amenities and some surveys have already been completed at coastal amenities. Aerial surveys will be carried out over the coming weeks led by a team of researchers from Maynooth University, who will carry out drone flights on a trial basis, to map and assess the general movement patterns of people and how this may impact on physical distancing measures.

The first aerial survey will take place in or around the 30th April (weather permitting) in the vicinity of the Dún Laoghaire Harbour area, including the East Pier and the nearby People’s Park, and is being carried out in accordance with all statutory requirements under Drone use, Data Protection and Privacy legislation.

The Council continues to strive to ensure that the amenities in its area are safely enjoyed by as many people as possible. It is intended that the results of this research will be used to inform decisions on short-term improvements and allow the Council to design and provide safe public amenities in the future.

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