dlrcc fleet to go electric with new EV's

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Thursday, February 22, 2018
dlr County
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We have taken delivery of six electric powered Citroen Berlingo Vans for our fleet operations.  The electric vans will replace existing diesel powered vehicles and will based in our Parks and Landscaping section.  Further electric vehicle purchases are planned for later in the year. The new electric powered vehicles will reduce the impact of our fleet on local air quality by reducing nitrogen dioxide associated with diesel vehicles.  In addition our fuel costs for these vehicles will be much lower with savings of 90% anticipated and maintenance costs for these vehicles are expected to be far lower as well.

The changeover to electric vehicles is the first stage of our drive to move to electric and hybrid vehicles in our fleet with a view to have as many vehicles as possible switched over in the coming years. As part of this process and our commitment to sustainable transportation solutions we will be looking at options for additional installing electric charge points in the public realm and in the car parks that we own.

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