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dlr Housing Delivery Programme

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Saturday, February 23, 2019
dlr County
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Delivery of homes for people in need of housing is a priority for Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council. During 2018, a total of 661 social homes were provided across all housing options, including the completion of high-quality, energy-efficient homes such as Rosemount Court, Dunedin, Fitzgerald Park and Rochestown House.

Progress is also being made on the Shanganagh Castle lands, with pre-planning preparations and site testing well underway. Other schemes in the pipeline are Ballyogan and Stillorgan, which are also at feasibility/pre-planning stage. dlr is taking advantage of all options to progress housing and is working in close collaboration with a number of Approved Housing Bodies to deliver a further 208 homes ¬– all of which will be on site in 2019.

In a further drive to increase delivery, dlr is seeking to engage with owners of vacant properties and lands and building developments in the County with a view to entering into discussions to purchase, or to lease, either on a short-term or long-term contract.

Do you own a vacant residential property? If your property needs work, repair-to-lease may be the answer for you. The property should be vacant for at least one year and will require an amount of repairs to bring the property to the required standard for rented properties. The property is leased for five to 10 years. Costs allowed to bring the property up to standard, ¬of up to €40,000, are offset against the rental income. dlr will assist property owners to develop the scope of the works to the required standard.
If your property is vacant, in good condition, and complies with rented dwelling standards why not talk to us about long-term leasing, RAS or HAP?

Long-term leasing for 10 to 20 years is a hassle-free option that takes the uncertainty out of being a landlord, with a guaranteed monthly income of 80% of the market rent. dlr will manage the tenants, rent collections and maintain the property after the first six months of the lease.

RAS is another option for landlords who can enter into a contractual arrangement with dlr, the landlord and the tenant to make housing available to RAS for a four, six, or a 10-year period. dlr will guarantee the rent on behalf of the tenant and will undertake to make the full payment directly to the landlord. The landlord retains responsibility for maintenance.

HAP is a form of social housing support that replaced Rent Supplement for those with a long-term housing need who qualify for this allowance. HAP recipients are responsible for finding their own accommodation in the private rented sector. dlr will make payments on behalf of tenants directly to landlords for rent. dlr has established a dedicated place-finders team, who will be happy to hear from you if you have a property you would like to consider for HAP.

Do you own serviced land, sites with planning permission, partially completed developments, or fully completed turn-key developments? dlr will consider purchasing, or negotiating a long-term lease of 10 to 20 years, or an enhanced leasing scheme.

Enhanced leasing is for a period of 25 years. dlr can pay up to 95% of an agreed market rent at commencement of the lease. Proposals under enhanced leasing should include a minimum of 20 properties that can be on multiple sites in dlr.

Realise the value of your property and, at the same time, free up vacant properties for much-needed housing. Contact dlr today by email at secretariat@dlrcoco.ie, or by telephone on 01 205 4765.