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Blackrock Park to Trimleston Avenue Sustainable Transport Improvements

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Monday, April 4, 2022
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dlr in conjunction with the National Transport Authority, is proposing sustainable transport improvements on the Rock Road between Blackrock Park and Trimleston Avenue. The Active Travel Section proposes to undertake a Non-Statutory Public Consultation for the above Scheme and welcomes all submissions and observations on the scheme as proposed. The scheme is being prepared in accordance with Section 38 of the Road Traffic Act 1994.

Project Objectives

The proposed scheme aligns with a number of existing policies:

Transport Strategy for Greater Dublin Area 2016-2035  

Cycling Infrastructure: Expansion of the Urban Cycle Network supported by secondary routes (in line with Cycle Network Plan) to provide a quality of service sufficient to attract new cyclists, as well as catering for the increasing numbers of existing cyclists.  

Land Use Integration:  Planning at the local level should promote walking, cycling and public transport by maximizing the number of people living within walking and cycling distance of their neighbourhood or district centres, public transport services, and other services at the local level such as schools;  

 dlr Cycle Network:  These routes form part of the dlr Cycle Network  (that sits as part of the County Development Plan)  

Smarter Travel:  The upgrade of the route ties in with the principles of the Governments Smarter Travel policy document, which supports the promotion of cycling and walking as a viable mode of transportation.   

National Cycle Policy Framework:  

  • Objective 2: Ensure that the urban road infrastructure (with the exception of motorways) is designed / retrofitted so as to be cyclist-friendly and that traffic management measures are also cyclist friendly.  
  • Objective 8: Ensure proper integration between cycling and public transport.  

dlr Cycling Policy  

CP 1.3 Cycling and existing developments: Undertake retro-fit projects within existing urban areas and developments, both residential and commercial, to create cycle-friendly permeable routes that are attractive to cyclists of all ages and abilities.  

dlr County Development Plan 2016-2022  

Policy ST5: Walking and Cycling:  It is Council Policy to secure the development of a high quality walking and cycling network across the County in accordance with relevant Council and National policy and guidelines.  

Policy ST7: County Cycle Network:  It is Council policy to secure improvements to the County Cycle Network in accordance with the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Cycle Network Review whilst supporting the NTA on the development and implementation of the Cycle Network Plan for the Greater Dublin Area.  

Climate Change Action Plan 2019-2024:  

  • Action T7 Develop and expand the cycle network  
  • Action T8 Support the Greater Dublin Cycle Plan  
  • Action T4 Develop and expand the County walking network  
  • Action T7 Develop and expand the cycle network  
  • Action T8 Support the Greater Dublin Cycle Plan  
  • Action T13  Road maintenance improvements  

Scheme Details

The proposed scheme builds on the recently completed works at the entrance to Blackrock Park opposite Booterstown Avenue and continues north to the Trimleston Avenue junction.

The scheme proposes to:

  • Introduce a two way cycle facility on the north side of the Rock Road from the entrance to Blackrock Park to the Trimleston Avenue junction
  • Provide bus priority for outbound bus services at the Booterstown Avenue junction 
  • Alter traffic islands at the various junctions to improve road alignment and facilitate the introduction of the two way cycle facility on the sea side
  • Create an island style bus stop at bus stop 426
  • Introduce a new pedestrian crossing at the Trimleston Avenue junction (northern arm of the junction) 
  • Provide bus priority measures at the Trimleston Avenue junction 
  • The proposed scheme aligns with the proposed Bus Connects project. If the Bus Connects project is successful in gaining statutory approval only minor junction changes would be required in addition to this project. 

The scheme has been designed to facilitate an extension into the Dublin City Council area. If they choose to continue this scheme to Merrion Gate and beyond, only lining changes would be required in the DLR area to create a tie in.

 A Non-Statutory Public Consultation is being held on the scheme from Wednesday 6th April 2022. 

Submissions and observations can be made through our Public consultation Hub  or via e-mail to

Observations should be clearly marked ‘Blackrock park to Trimleston avenue Sustainable Travel improvements.’ The closing date for receipt of submissions is Wednesday 27th April at 12pm.