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Walking & Cycling permeability through Deansgrange Cemetery

Tuesday, October 15, 2019
dlr County
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DLR produced a Cycle Network Map in 2013 which created a plan for a comprehensive set of countywide cycling routes. As part of this plan, a link through Deansgrange Cemetery was highlighted. At present, the cemetery is a large block of impenetrable land. The proposal will provide a safe, quiet, convenient route through the cemetery connecting into the Granada open space through the boundary wall.

This proposed link will tie in with the necklace of green spaces which include Granada, through into Springhill and onto Newtownpark Avenue. The new access point will establish additional routes benefitting the wider community walking and cycling from a broader scope of places. These include Clonkeen Park into Kilbogget Park, St. Fintans Park into Honeypark and other routes highlighted in the DLR Green Infrastructure strategy

The three primary schools in Hollypark attract an unsustainable volume of congestion and traffic daily. The schools are marooned in the centre of a large residential area. Public transport provides only remote access leaving a 10-15 minute walk to the schools. This link will cut the journey distance by foot and bicycle of people accessing Hollypark from the Deansgrange area by approximately 1km. The existing journey distance is 1.5km and the new journey distance will reduce to 0.55km. On a bike, the new journey time to Deansgrange crossroads will be 2-3minutes and will avoid the need for people on bikes to negotiate the steep hill on Kill Lane and Park Avenue.

As Deansgrange Cemetery reaches capacity, the long term use of the public facility will see it evolve from a cemetery into a quiet, passive recreational space. At present, it is used as a walking and jogging amenity by locals. 

It is the intention of DLR to create safe, convenient routes for adults and children that are conducive to walking and cycling journeys throughout the county. Encouraging people to walk and cycle rather than drive helps to ingrain exercise into a daily routine. Less cars on the road will mean less emissions, less noise and safer streets.

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