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Stay Safe at Halloween

Thursday, October 25, 2018
dlr County
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    Care for pets and wildlife

    • Pets and wildlife are particularly sensitive to loud noises. Please keep your pets indoors around the Halloween period.
    • Stockpiled waste for bonfires poses a risk to the safety of animals, especially hedgehogs that are looking to hibernate at this time of year.
    • Burnt earth on open spaces takes approximately 18 months to recover.

    Care for people

    • Smoke from burning wastes, especially tyres, paints and plastics can contain hazardous chemicals which can cause harm if inhaled.
    • Wastes such as aerosols, pressurised containers and flammable substances can explode and cause injury to bystanders and may damage nearby property.
    • The ash from fires can remain toxic and if ingested can cause harm, particularly to young children.
    • Evenings are dark and children are often in an excited state. Remind your children about Road Safety and use high visibility clothing at all times. Drivers please be extra mindful of children crossing roads. 

    Respect our Emergency Services

    • Every year Dublin Fire, Ambulance and Rescue Services answer hundreds of calls over the Halloween period.
    • Respect the Emergency Services, Council Staff and An Garda Siochána who are already busy fighting fires and saving lives. Bonfires are an unnecessary and avoidable burden on them.

    Legal and Financial

    • Please don’t give your waste to illegal waste collectors or leave it where it may be accessible and targeted for a bonfire. You could be liable for a €4000 fine.
    • Clean-up costs are substantial, these funds could be better spent elsewhere.


    You can report instances of dumping or stockpiling by phoning the Council on 01 2054817 or emailing environ@dlrcoco.ie