Notice of closure of Dalkey Island for Rodent and Rabbit Management

Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Closed from Jan 21st to Feb 28th 2022

As part of the Dalkey Islands Conservation Plan 2014- 2024, a number of Management Actions have commenced as outlined in Part 7 of the Plan.

These management actions undertaken over the winter months, include the need to manage the rat and rabbit population on the island which are currently threatening the nesting terns population and the islands habitats. We are required to maintain and enhance the conservation status of the terns and other notable bird species. The winter months are the best time to carry out these activities when the bird species are not on the island and it is outside their breeding season.

This management action to control the rat population is aimed at achieving Heritage Policy 2 of the Dalkey Islands Conservation Plan 2014- 2024: Birdwatch and NPWS, in association with DLR, which seeks to maintain, and if possible enhance the conservation status of the tern population, and of other notable bird species.

The following actions are included in the Plan as part of this policy:

- Action H2.1: Birdwatch, in association with DLR and the NPWS, to continue the Tern nesting project.
- Action H2.7: DLR to investigate methods of controlling rat population.

The rats are affecting the tern population by predating on the terns eggs and chicks during the nesting season. Rats are the main significant predator of terns on Dalkey Island and this threat in combination with other predators and pressures such as human disturbance and climate change are impacting the success of the tern colony.

This is also an action under the Tern Life Project by BWI and will be managed by BWI staff.

Other actions such as rabbit control, litter picking and cleaning of goat shelters have been ongoing by DLR Parks and we will be carrying out actions over the coming year during the appropriate season. A pre-screening for Appropriate Assessment has been carried out in relation to these actions. It is considered that these actions are required and are directly connected with and are necessary to the conservation management of the site.

All management actions are undertaken in consultation with NPWS, BWI, DLR Veterninary surgeon caring for the feral goat herd, DLR Parks Staff and DLR Biodiversity Officer.

We would like to thank the public for their assistance and cooperation.

For further information, contact the Parks Department at 01 205 4341 or Email: