Capital Programme

East & West Pier Storm Damage Repairs

Thursday, May 28, 2020
Dun Laoghaire Harbour
Intro Text 

During Storm Emma in late March 2018 there was significant damage caused to the East and West Piers, particularly around the sun shelter area on the East Pier and the West Pier Roundhead.

Immediately afterwards, engineering consultants were tasked with preparing an initial damage report and budget repair estimate. Some initial emergency repairs were undertaken by DLHC to stabilise certain areas and replace key infrastructure.


Following these emergency repairs, Phase 1 of the project was then tendered which included dismantling of the sun shelter and the unsupported wall behind it, removal of some paving and repairs to upper and lower level paving, benches, and bins. After these initial tasks, work commenced on the reconstruction of the wall on the upper level and the reinstatement of the paving around the sun shelter area.

Phase 2 of the project involved the Marine aspects of the damage. Once the wall and paving in the sun shelter area had been reconstructed, protecting them became the next priority. Approximately 400 tonnes of rock armour were washed away in the storm, which exposed the wall of the pier to direct impact from the waves. The 400 tonnes of rock armour were replaced, and an additional 400 tonnes was added to provide better protection and further mitigate against the risk of a reoccurrence of damage to the wall and pavement. The Rock Armour from the sun shelter to the old toilet block was also redistributed to provide a more uniform structure, as pictured in the before and after photos.

Separately, there was a significant amount of damage to the West Pier roundhead revetment. Large areas were damaged by the storm. These were all surveyed, and an in-situ concrete repair was carried out to provide a smooth rounded revetment edge for waves to break over, as pictured in the before and after photos. Additional protective rock armour was sourced from the seabed and laid against this concrete edge for additional protection. Finally, the lower level of the west pier was releveled to provide a safer pedestrian walkway.

The restoration of the sun shelter on the East Pier remains outstanding and is featured in the DLRCC Capital Projects plan awaiting funding to proceed.